Amidst the pandemic, 2020 became the year of working from home. Understandably, attention has turned to the home office. With so much time spent in our home offices, setting up a peaceful workspace is essential.

What does the ideal home office look like?

Working from home is here to stay. We need an office that is both comfortable and productive. Here are some tips to create your ideal home office.

Cut the Clutter

Minimalism makes office space more functional. Cut down on paper documents wherever possible. Use inexpensive cloud storage to backup files rather than keeping hard copies. Signature apps like DocuSign or Adobe Acrobat can be used to sign documents rather than printing them out to sign.

Use cable management systems to make wrangling unsightly wires stress free. If printers and scanners are a must, purchase wireless devices to make life easier and keep your home office beautiful.

Home Office Lighting

Recent research is revealing just how much lighting affects our minds and bodies. An office that is too dark or too bright can cause fatigue, headaches, and eye strain. And discomforts can have a direct effect on productivity.

Natural lighting is always a healthy choice. Adjust monitor brightness and night mode settings to reduce harmful blue light. Use attractive accent lighting that isn’t too bright. Place the lighting so it doesn’t directly shine in your eyes or reflect off your monitor.

Go Green

Plants can add a touch of color to a home office. In addition, a NASA study in the 80s reported that indoor plants were successful in removing a number of harmful chemicals from the air. Plants will also increase oxygen levels and reduce carbon dioxide that can make you sluggish.

Think Ergonomic

Ergonomic office furniture and accessories can be expensive. Considering how much time we’re spending in our home offices these days, the long-term benefits make them a worthwhile investment. Ergonomic furniture can reduce fatigue and shoulder, neck, and back pain.

Carefully consider the furniture layout in your office. Keep the monitor at or slightly below eye level and at a comfortable distance. Keep your shoulders in a more relaxed position by making sure your mouse and keyboard are at roughly elbow height on the desk. If it’s in the budget, consider an adjustable desk for sitting and standing.

Lockdowns have required our homes to become more multidimensional. Separating living spaces from where we work helps create a productive mindset. Create a home office that’s peaceful, beautiful, comfortable, and efficient.


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