Cost is often a top consideration for many hair loss patients looking to get a scalp micropigmentation treatment. Is the procedure affordable? How does SMP compare with other hair restoration methods cost-wise? These questions always crop up in conversations during the consultation process.  

The good news is that SMP is a far more cost-effective treatment option. Several factors can influence the scalp micropigmentation cost, though. Generally, expect to pay anywhere between $2,500 to $4,000 when you seek treatment at Scalp Micro USA. 

Every case is unique. As such, the only way to be sure of the exact amount of money you’ll need for the treatment is by requesting a personalized quote. After careful evaluation, skilled practitioners can offer you a more accurate quote based on your specific hair loss needs. 

Main Factors That Affect Scalp Micropigmentation Cost 

Extent of hair loss

The level of hair loss is the number one factor that scalp micropigmentation specialists consider when calculating your treatment costs. 

Professionals use the Norwood hair loss scale system to determine the extent of your hair loss, especially in male pattern baldness cases. 

With this particular system, hair loss progression is categorized into 7 stages. The later stages are associated with severe hair loss and thus require higher treatment costs. 

Hair transplant scars

You should look forward to paying more if there are scars on your scalp. Once scar forms, the hair follicles never grow from that part of the skin. Therefore, you may need to undergo a scar camouflage before proceeding to the main treatment procedure. 

Scalp Micro USA uses a state-of-the-art camouflage system to conceal the blemish with color-matched hair follicle deposits. The scars blend seamlessly with the surrounding skin. 

Density of the remaining hair 

The strands of natural hair that grow per inch of your scalp may also affect your final bill. It is because the level of hair fullness and distribution varies from one individual to another. Improving your hair density will come with an additional cost.


The city or town where you live can be the difference between paying $500 less or more. Treatment centers located in top-rated cities usually charge high for their services. With Scalp Micro USA, the cost is consistent across all their clinics in New York City, Los Angeles, Houston, and soon Seatle. 

Skills and experience 

Make sure you choose a highly experienced scalp micropigmentation providers with a proven track record.  The team at Scalp Micro USA has a wealth of experience to give you a look you desire. Over the years in business, they have treated thousands of patients suffering from hair loss. Their impressive success rate is a clear indication of top-notch quality solutions.  

Requesting a personalized quote 

You will need to schedule a consultation by phone, face to face, or through a video call. A scalp micropigmentation specialist will explain the process and let you know the cost involved, depending on your treatment needs. You can request a free, no-obligation quote. 


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