If you are new to grilling with smoked spices, you may be intimidated to try some unfamiliar spices because you aren’t sure if you will like the taste. But cooking is a lot like life — you will miss out on a lot by not trying new things.

Throw caution to the wind and step out of your cooking comfort zone with the following grill menu selections made with smoked spices.

Smoked Spice-Rubbed Grilled Chicken

Chicken is one of the easiest meats to grill, so if you are looking for a simple dish, this recipe fits the bill. But there’s a twist because you are going to turn up the heat a couple of notches by substituting smoked ground guajillo pepper for the black pepper in the recipe.

Rest assured that it is not so hot that it will set your taste buds on fire. But there is a hot and smoky component to the guajillo pepper that will be pleasing to almost every palate. Because this recipe calls for a dry rub, you can experiment with it and add or subtract the guajillo pepper until you have just the right mix for your recipe. ¡Está bien!

Grilled Stuffed Pork Loin with Smoked Sea Salt Habanero Pepper

If they could only grill or smoke a single type of meat, most people would go with the always versatile pork. When done outdoors on the grill of your smoker, you can pass an easy afternoon with friends sipping adult beverages and sharing a few laughs.

Juicy, delicious, and super flavorful, this spinach and cheese-stuffed grilled pork loin will have your mouth watering and your belly full. Add the smoked sea salt Habanero pepper to the dry rub for an exquisite spicy twist and let the feasting begin.

Smoked Trout with Smoky Sea Salt Chipotle Pepper

Do you have a fishing trip planned for this spring or summer? If so, this recipe for smoked trout is about as simple and delicious as you can find. 

The addition of sea salt Chipotle pepper smoked spice turns up the volume on the heat just enough to make it interesting and flavorful but without overwhelming the taste. Because it is oh-so-simple to prepare, it is a perfect recipe to fix while on a camp-out or fishing vacay.

Try a Healthy Vegetarian Option On Your Smoker

Who said that grilled and smoked meals have to contain meat? It certainly wasn’t the spice crafters at Oregano Spices. They know just how good this recipe for smoked veggies can be when you use their smoked fine sea salt to flavor your vegetable medley with just “a pinch of smokiness.”

At a mere 97 calories per serving, you can fill up on healthy goodness as the main course or enjoy it guilt-free as a delicious side dish to complement your entree. There’s nothing better for a hot summer night dining al fresco under the stars!

What are your favorite grilled recipes? Enjoy playing around with smoked spices to find the headiest bouquets to flavor your meals.


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