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STANDING IN GOD'S LIGHT: IN END TIMES (978-1-892264-19-0) is the third book co-authored by Ann Druffel and Armand Marcotte, a noted clairvoyant and psychic counselor for many years. The previous two, written in the 1980s and re-published in the 1990s, were PAST LIVES: FUTURE GROWTH which demonstrated case studies gathered by Marcotte and Druffel which seemed to confirm the Western theory of reincarnation; and THE PSYCHIC AND THE DETECTIVE (described in the "Book Section") about Marcotte's decades-long work with law enforcement officers throughout the the United States, whom he helped provide clues for the solution of many unsolved murders.

Their third co-authored book, STANDING IN GOD'S LIGHT: IN END TIMES was begun in 1995 when Marcotte began receiving specific data regarding the approach of "end times" and in particular the ways in which people could conduct their lives in order to be among those who would survive end-times chaos, i.e., those persons he called "Soldiers of the Light." He gave Druffel nine readings on the subject. Also their joint research on two paranormal photos related to the contents of the book and Druffel's persistent research on other subjects Armand Marcotte described as related to "end times" blends with his psychic perceptions to complete the book.

The actual writing of the book was begun in 1997. They were able to complete three chapters together, but then Marcotte died in February 1999 of cancer. However, he advised Ann before he died that he would "come back from the other side" to help her finish it. In 2000, inspiration seemed to come to Druffel and she quickly completed two more chapters.

As she describes, "It was as if Armand was with me in spirit, helping to guide my thoughts and fingers." Then in 2005 the same kind of inspiration seemed to come in and, together with remarkable synchronicity, information related to the last four chapters seemed to flow in from several unexpected sources, resulting in the completion of the last four chapters. The fact that Armand Marcotte was not here on our physical earth plane during the writing of these chapters did not seem to have disturbed the eventual completion of the book.

The 210-page, 6" X 9" book includes seven photographs, footnotes, Appendix, and Index. Retail price: $16.95, special price $15.00. Published by Timeless Voyager Press, Santa Barbara, California. Also available on amazon.com .

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