PAST LIVES: FUTURE GROWTH was authored by famous psychic Armand Marcotte, and co-authored by Ann Druffel. It is a hypothetical overview of reincarnation from the Western point of view. Both authors are Catholic, but since the Catholic Church has no dogma regarding the truth or untruth of reincarnation, Marcotte and Druffel were free to research for themselves the truth (or falsity) of this widely-held theory. The Western theory of reincarnation is a logical explanation of the apparent inequality of human lives and PAST LIVES: FUTURE GROWTH details several true cases of people caught in disturbing life problems, for which they sought psychic counseling from Marcotte.

In each, he perceived that the problems were caused by unsolved situations confronted by these clients in former lives, and his counsel brought about relief and solution for these individuals. Together with true accounts of reincarnative evidence, the book also addresses the mystery of the Nag Hammadi Manuscripts found in Egypt. These manuscripts are possible former Biblical writings which explicitly discussed reincarnation and its relationship to the soul's progress, concepts possibly discarded by the Church in the early centuries.

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