Druffel's 1998 book, HOW TO DEFEND YOURSELF AGAINST ALIEN ABDUCTION has caused its own controversial "firestorm" in the UFO field, ever since it released the idea that simple mental and physical "resistance techniques" can fend off harassing "alien attacks." Many top researchers, and other UFO investigators have entered the ongoing controversy, contending that "abductors" are physical, technologically-superior aliens from physical UFOs and consequently cannot be resisted successfully. Yet, Druffel's twenty-five years of research into the "UFO alien abduction" phenomenon reveals that strong-willed individuals with a powerful sense of their own rights can "fend off" these apparent entities which repeatedly harass and/or sexually interfere with them.

Working from a database of 70 "resisters", Druffel uncovered nine mental and physical techniques that abductees (also called experiencers) use successfully to rid themselves of the tormenting visitors. Documented by numerous worldwide folklore and philosophical and religious writings, the book hypothesizes that so-called "UFO abductors" are an order of shapeshifting, deceptive creatures which share the earth with mankind, but in another "dimension", and that these creatures have sexually harassed and plagued individuals in all major world cultures throughout the millenia.

These creatures, existing normally in an altered reality separate from our ordinary space/time, ordinarily confront their victims when they (the victims) are in an altered state of consciousness, but the ensuing events seem so real that they are perceived as occurring in physical space/time.

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