FIRESTORM: DR. JAMES E. McDONALD's FIGHT FOR UFO SCIENCE, published by Wild Flower Press in 2003, is Ann Druffel's most recent UFO-related book. FIRESTORM! is an authorized biographical account of the unprecedented, invaluable UFO research by Dr. McDonald, a prestigious atmospheric physicist. McDonald was a fearless, tireless scientist who dared to enter the UFO field publicly in 1966, after eight prior years of private UFO research in and around his hometown of Tucson, Arizona. He was Senior Physicist and Meteorology Professor at the Institute of Atmospheric Physics (IAP) on the campus of the University of Arizona and worked with several U.S. government offices on multiple projects in climatology and meteorology.

He tapped numerous, highly-placed colleagues in the military, government and scientific fields for information during 1966-1971, known in the UFO field as "the McDonald years." He never neglected his climatological and meteorological projects, but nevertheless worked openly and successfully with objective lay UFO researchers, solving numerous cases and adding information to unsolved sightings, the true "UFOs."

By 1970 he seemed on the verge of actually breaking through the government coverup but unexpectedly died in June 1971, an apparent suicide. Two hypotheses are presented relating to McDonald's tragic death, as well as facts gleaned from dozens of interviews with McDonald's academic colleagues, family members and veterans in the UFO research field who knew and worked with him.

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